He is already been which have a female rub him

Although it seems that Prince Andrew was on purpose entrapped as a key part off Epstein’s intelligence-linked sexual blackmail operation, the content subsequent signifies that Andrew’s connections to this new minors rooked by Epstein went far above his so-called around three experience with Giuffre.

Rosser prices a pal of Prince Andrew’s ex boyfriend-wife Sara Ferguson while the saying that Andrew “was once se right back out-of abroad…..He even trip abroad together with very own rub bed mattress.”

In this same time, Epstein and you may Maxwell including delivered Prince Andrew in order to “gender support business owner” Christine Drangsholt during a trip to Mar-a-Lago and identifies Andrew traveling to La, where he was viewed “flirting…that have a group of little girls,” in order to Phuket, Thailand in which he “wandered in the intercourse pubs on area’s red light area.” The La travel noticed Andrew followed by singer and close pal from Michael Jackson, Brett Livingstone Solid, and you may Ghislaine Maxwell then followed Andrew in order to Thailand.

Perhaps most obviously of the many is the fact that the says off Prince Andrew researching “massages” off lady through the his trips having Epstein and you may Maxwell was indeed published into the , at the least two months in advance of Virginia Giuffre claims you to she is actually earliest put so you’re able to and you will forced to make love to your Prince when you look at the

This new states regarding massages out of an excellent “girl” and Andrew traveling doing that have Maxwell and you may Epstein when you’re providing together “his or her own therapeutic massage mattress,” are very hitting considering what is actually now known on Epstein’s sex trafficking and you may sexual blackmail operation. Court documents, cops records, or any other facts features because caused it to be obvious you to “massage” is the code keyword Epstein and his co-conspirators useful intercourse for the minors the guy cheated and you may therapeutic massage dining tables and you can sex toys was indeed appear to introduce together with her regarding bed room out-of their some residences where the guy pressed underage women to engage during the sexual acts that have him while others.

As a result brand new claims of Epstein- and Maxwell-brokered “massages” relate to one almost every other girl, firmly indicating you to Andrew’s involvement with minors rooked by Epstein is actually greater than could have been has just accepted.

Most other recently reported advice provides put into the right one Prince Andrew involved with illicit facts with an increase of minors than just Virginia Giuffre. For instance, the FBI has just prolonged the probe with the Epstein’s intercourse trafficking network to provide a certain focus on the Prince’s character. This new FBI have stated that they are reviewing says regarding Prince Andrew created by almost every other Epstein victims other than Giuffre, however, don’t indicate the nature of those says.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s discover secret

Media records mention Prince Andrew and you can Ghislaine Maxwell given that which have establish a close relationships at the very least by the , when Andrew got invested weekly during the Epstein’s debatable Ny penthouse during the nine East 71st Highway. One declaration typed in russiancupid 2000 from the London’s Sunday Minutes advertised one the 2 were launched by Andrew’s ex boyfriend-wife Sarah Ferguson, referred to as “Fergie” in the drive, and further claims that the inclusion got took place years past. Epstein is considered to have earliest been produced to help you Andrew via Maxwell during the 1999.

Decades following this addition was created, Jeffrey Epstein would provide financial help so you’re able to Ferguson at Prince Andrew’s behest if you are paying Ferguson’s previous personal secretary ?fifteen,000, presumably so you’re able to allow for “a bigger restructuring out of Sarah’s ?5 billion costs that occurs,” according to the Telegraph.

Surprisingly, by the April of that year, Maxwell and Prince Andrew have been saw because of the the fellow diners at a chic Nyc cafe carrying hand, prompting both Prince and Maxwell to help you point out that their relationships are only “platonic.” However, an effective later in the day Practical refers to Maxwell as one of Prince Andrew’s previous girlfriends.

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